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$9.75 by TomBot
Prototype propellers for a small quadcopter. Set of four, two clockwise and two counterclockwise. 1mm shaft hole, but it will need to be drilled ...
$27.32 by Printluk
This is the first update and the best solution for the first purchase! it is the most durable one and has two lids (with now 8 clipping balls) incl...
$25.42 by Printluk
This is the first Update in 0.7mm it has the two lids included. it has holes for 3mm LED´s inside and has a stronger lid closing cliping mechanism...
$4.84 by Printluk
updated version in 0.7mm it should fit for the 1mm version also.
$4.06 by trearick
Part of a wire leg for a multirotor. Each leg needs two hinges. It is held to 1/2" (13mm) square arm with two zip ties. The hinge either holds the ...
$5.27 by trearick
One cross arm and two hinges and 3/32 wire make a single multirotor leg. Inspired by legs on Aerovironment Qube.
Not For Sale by noguesseb
fixation pour train d'atterrissage hexacopter ou quadcopter.
$22.92 by flyingfolk
A lightweight Frame for GoPro Hero 3. GoPro Hero 3 Frame by barspin, available under a Creative Commons - Attribution license.
$6.48 by nooize
$45.80 by MrWhitenoise
a set of 4 Motor Mounts for 25mm Tubes. for each motor mount you need 4 screws with m2 x 12mm and also a square bolt with 5mm sides. these mounts ...