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$234.56 by robertbencooper
Scale representation of the Pyramid of Khufu and two smaller Pyramids. Cheapest natural look available is sandstone but you can experiment with thi...
$252.96 by LokiLaufeysen
comes in many materials inclcuding sandstone. pyramid prim From 123d design ipad app so people can own a pyramid
$1,472.00 by mobiles
Made of 1365 pieces. On the test print that we did for this model, a number of the smallest pieces had some printing dust left in them that can ea...
$72.03 by thewraithoftheopera
made with 2d to 3d app
$19.08 by LokiLaufeysen
minecraft pyramid
Not For Sale by LokiLaufeysen
not printable fragile in parts
$69.60 by LokiLaufeysen
minecraft pyramid pendant may have movable parts go for plastic
$67.58 by LokiLaufeysen
pyramid with flat top
$68.96 by DrWhoJohnSmith