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Not For Sale by erwindia
Designed by the Heilig Hart School in the Hague in cooperation with Kennisnet
$18.00 by baltimore
$8.15 by friz
A 10-sided die based on a pentagonal dypiramid composed of equilateral triangles. This is one of the 8 convex deltahedra (three of which are the Pl...
$6.80 by friz
A die based on the "Gyroelongated square dypiramid", one of the 8 convex deltahedra. This die features 16 equilateral triangle faces, but it cannot...
$8.56 by friz
A 12-sided die based on the Hexagonal Dipyramid, the dual of the Archimedean Hexagonal Prism. Like Catalan solids, the "true" dipyramids feature eq...
$15.65 by SellusionStar
This big triangle was designed to be a nice deco accessory for your living room or desktop. Whatever you want..
$17.81 by Dinomyke
This is a solid sphere within a pyramid within a patterned sphere.
$12.36 by bondp99
Pyramid ship for Sci-Fi gaming
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Pyramid ship now available in Fleet Action scale