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Not For Sale by bartv
Here's a little 3d puzzle I created. After studying some on-line photographs of similar puzzles I made the pieces, beveled them and then used Blend...
$19.99 by DanGerst
For the enigmatic personalities out there The pendant is less than 1.5" in width and height
$25.90 by Magic
This is a dissection puzzle that illustrate the Pythagorean theorems: the sum of the areas of the 2 smaller squares is equal to the area of the big...
Not For Sale by tsmaster
A puzzle by Stewart Coffin, as described in "Geometric Puzzle Design".
$93.09 by Imprenta3D
Map of galician provinces ready to be printed. Each province is separated so in fact its a puzzle.
$26.74 by Imprenta3D
Cataluña with its provinces: Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida.
$12.03 by Imprenta3D
Asturias, in Spain
$10.34 by bramcohen
This is a straggly piece which looks like it couldn't possibly pack densely but it does in a very interesting way. The puzzle is to fit all 24 iden...
Not For Sale by bramcohen
This is a variant on George Bell's hide the worm puzzle. The unique solution has no symmetry, and preserves the thematic piece placement. The puzzl...
Not For Sale by bramcohen
This is a second variant of George Bell's Hide the Worm puzzle. It has a unique solution, and also keeps the thematic placement. The puzzle is to p...