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$17.43 by GarySG
A winged jewel, to add a bit of light to your darkest days.
$9.29 by lwi
A minimal hollow cubic pendant with 3 square holes at one of the corners.Pure, Perfect !
$7.92 by lwi
A swarm of 8 (3x3x3)mm cubes on your finger ...Choose your size when you order!
$7.39 by lwi
$7.41 by lwi
Cubes Ring #03
$7.18 by lwi
$43.06 by Molecule
NanoTube / Nano Carbon / Buckminsterfullerene PenHolder
$74.90 by lokiofmute
Arabesque PendantCurly and wavy, elegant and pure. Thoughts spring to mind just looking at the curves and seeds of this delicate asymmetric model....
$19.07 by indyallen
Chinese symbol: Qing meaning clear or pure.
$75.86 by StephanFriedrich
Patrick Circle is available in all sizes between 15.0 and 19.5 mm inside diameter. If you got any questions or adding wishes to the ring - just pr...