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$85.02 by cgcookie
This is a 12 inch sculpture of a Pterandon from the Cretaceous period. It makes for a stunning display piece. The base is solid so as to balance th...
$21.00 by RareBreed
Poised pterosaur by ©2012-2014 RareBreed. Solid tupuxuara model or flying reptile figure in 1:36 scale.
$27.00 by RareBreed
Pterosaur in flight, dinosaur designer toy in color by RareBreed ©2012.
$12.00 by RareBreed
Miniature pterosaur in flight, about 1:100 scale tupuxuara model. Solid figure on an 1.5 inch base by RareBreed ©2012-2014.
$40.00 by RareBreed
Pterosaur in flight sculpture, replica tupuxuara scale model,1:24 size by RareBreed ©2012-2014.