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$8.28 by Mythobeast
One of the things that Sixaxis controllers have never been good for is convenient stacking or storage. I made this controller stand so that they wo...
$44.30 by schmarty
A simple tripod mount for the PS3 Eye webcam. Just add 1/4"-20 nut!* * Webcam not included. :) More info and pictures on Thingiverse: http://www....
$41.87 by Quinlann
$61.45 by BlondeRen
A necklace to show off your gamer spirit!
$10.94 by elkameleon
Lost the battery cover to my PS3 bluray remote, so I designed my own!
$21.80 by dans6887
Simple stand for PlayStation Vita System. Great for watching movies, listening to music or surfing the web. Also has room to plug in usb / power co...
$17.68 by SpecializationIsOverrated
Originally had modeled a Firefly pendant from the Last of Us, but seeing as how I don't really wear pendants I thought I'd make it smaller and use ...
$29.00 by robo3687
NOTE: This ring does not come with a leather cord. You can easily (and inexpensively buy such a cord from ebay (search for 'flat leather cord') or ...
$21.38 by SpecializationIsOverrated
After playing through The Last of Us, I couldn't resist but to make my own Firefly pendant. Pendant measures 1 1/4" in diameter. Its printed in sta...
$10.47 by take3kaz