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$14.89 by MartinvanDijken
$143.04 by Grampawerdna
This is a little jewelry case with a bas relief horse crest on the lid. The lid is hinged and there is a latch to open and close it. The lid and th...
$44.86 by tdijk
This is a larger (double size) version of my standard-size lapel pin. The overall dimension of the face is 1.5 x 2 inches (3.8 x 5.1 cm). This pin...
$30.03 by Xender90
$21.90 by Xender90
$47.60 by Piggy
Tired little horsey, droopy eyes and fancy mane. Comes with platform! -Piggy IMPORTANT NOTE: The platform is only the top tier as shown in the sh...
$2.00 by 24grant24
Shapeways Image Popper
$12.98 by madcomputerscientist
This is a model to represent a coin of the system of currency known as "Bits" ("Bit" singular) in a certain popular animated television series. It'...
$54.38 by BITGEM
Add a little cartoony cuteness to your life :)