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Not For Sale by pzich
This is a wireframe icosahedron trapped inside a dodecahedron.
$15.65 by SellusionStar
This big triangle was designed to be a nice deco accessory for your living room or desktop. Whatever you want..
$36.85 by scientist2010
Ever wanted to play with a special dice? This one only contains edges. Show off your genius! Results are almost equal. Glossy Bronze is truly re...
$31.57 by mrkl28
A triangulated shell art piece inspired by natural curves.
$23.02 by StephenMoore
There is a certain weight and balance to living, the pull between liberty and control, wild and tame. Foxes walk that line. These small sculptures ...
$14.02 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with geometric figures of made of different numbers of sides representing the numbers. A circle for the one side and a hexagon for th...
$10.04 by Asier3d
A ring, with a diamond on the top and a "lowpoly" look
$25.12 by bluecow
Not For Sale by 239CX5
Watch the youtube video: The making of Fob the dog - Shapeways Here is fob the dog. I recommend buying him as white and painting him in any style ...
$11.18 by cunicode
This is Jana, a teleported teddy. She just got 3D-Scanned, poly-abused and texturized.   Jana | Skeleton Real bears have bones inside, Tedd...