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$8.42 by Oreosmooshy
Ever want a cool wearable plant that you don't have to pay $40 for? This is the planter for you! Just thread some cord through the holes and insert...
$14.92 by extrudedqwerty
Piranha Plant stylus for Nintendo ds.
$29.99 by jwood
A small planter
$4.40 by tomatohead
$17.07 by ChrisArtscapes
$40.51 by shariff
$25.00 by dcooleo
Inspired by the Thief video game series, and at the request of the goodsie woodsie fans, here is the Pagan Ring. The above pictures are of the Anti...
$7.74 by Hazelphoenix
Tiny acorn pendant
$9.36 by artificial
Clover necklaceThe Inner diameter of the ring for putting the clover on a string/necklace is 2.4 mm
$13.56 by drdearth
Designed as a friendship gift this pendant can be a very nice present for a friend(or friends) you really value.The knot symbolizes the interweavin...