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$16.35 by gagandeep
Six cylinder functional model engine (test model) which also has a hand crank
$9.85 by glyphobet
This is a model of Boy's Surface, a one-sided surface with no edges and no pinch points. In the cutaway images you can see a small ball. It can ro...
$16.26 by TCL987
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
Secret Military Harrier Spaceship toy. The FalconR Transporter. This is a design I worked on a couple years ago in combination with a car design....
$3.33 by muilenta
This is a small plane
$3.31 by muilenta
Blender subsurf 2
$3.29 by muilenta
Blender subsurf 3
$410.38 by yeagerartist
The Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IIC was a World War II combat aircraft modeled here for entry into the Bonzai3d contest.
$8.22 by 8th-elephant
Version 2! As strong as before but now lighter at just over 2 grams. Originally created for the R2 Hobbies Passer X series of gliders, but also app...
$832.79 by onlyjedileft