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Not For Sale by glyphobet
Update! The Kickstarter project to have a run of Mathematician's Dice manufactured has been a great success! Buy the Mathematician's Dice here...
$77.25 by curmudgeony
Pi is the number found when the distance around a circle is divided by the distance between opposite sides of the circle. This seemingly endless n...
$3.31 by mvsalmi
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$11.77 by HansH
All models UPDATED: Bottom frame for the Raspberry Pi computer. The feet are specially constructed that you can use it with LEGO bricks.. You can N...
$10.74 by stanleymtoney
Pi is your number for the circumference around your table linens.
$13.14 by kub77
$55.00 by TheMount
Here is a first try at a raspberry Pi case with The Mount logo cut out of the top.
$9.99 by mctrivia
A die in the shape of the symbol PI. To make it even better this die is perfectly weighted and all sides are roughly the same landing area. If ro...
$15.90 by kub77
Pi and Omega combined together. Great for use as a napkin holder! If you want any other sizes or combinations of symbols, just message me and I wil...