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$20.90 by Magic
Half DodBox.This a reduced version (scale 1:3) of the model proposed for the Maryland Plastics injection molding contest. The thickness is only 1 m...
$6.24 by friz
A Catalan polyhedron, n.7 of the complete set counting 13 items. Catalan solids are obtained from the Archimedean ones by duality. A Catalan solid ...
$14.02 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with geometric figures of made of different numbers of sides representing the numbers. A circle for the one side and a hexagon for th...
$6.50 by ppoz
A blank pentagonal prism that can be used as a 7-sided die. It is not a fair die, so label the pentagonal ends thoughtfully. For example of a balan...
$21.17 by Sphax
You are him and he's you... when you play with PureBDcraft! Enjoy the first BDcraft Fig. Credits: BDcraft.net
$14.99 by teakae
Pentagon shaped pendant.
$53.28 by MatthewM
Fan of architecture, military tactics, or beautiful geometric form?____________________________________________________________________________ Is ...
$19.32 by Pojostick
Icosahedron suspended within two pentagonal warped toruses.
$22.00 by vertigopolka
Twelve curved pentagons unite to form this dodecahedral star.
$21.18 by KingRahl
A keychain describing the rules of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Each symbol points to what it beats in the game.