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$4.72 by RVeldhuyzen
Tweezer pegs
$6.86 by Drawn-SteelHero
Got a 5mm hole and want a post to fit in it? Well, here's your fix! Included are 9 double-ended pegs; each peg is 6mm long with a 5mm diameter, an...
$5.84 by Drawn-SteelHero
6x 5mm diameter round pegs for customising. Each peg is 6mm long, with a 5mm diameter, and a 2.2mm hole running down the middle. Each mounted on a ...
Not For Sale by instrumaker
Prestige you can print - By Instrumaker Ornamented violin pegs inspired by the workshop of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. If you own a stradivarius, you ...
$432.14 by DrWhoJohnSmith
made with autodesk labs shapeshifter
$3.00 by crifmer
Extra pegs for replacements or added support. You can also use 1/4-inch lengths of a 1/8"-diameter wooden dowel if you're a DIY-type, although you...