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$17.78 by Eeppium
A starlike crystal formation
$35.73 by tinypurpletreehouse
A lovely detailed pendant with bird and leaves detailing In Stainless Steel it's a nice and heavy piece of jewelry In the colored plastics you can ...
$5.29 by JaZilla
Flat oval bangle bracelet with 28 round holes for adding charms, dangles or beads. Unique jewelry component. Size: Medium3.1" x 2.4" Oval...
$58.00 by dfoley75
This is a Celtic knot pendant that features three separate "strings" woven together into a pattern. It is approximately 20mm long and 15mm wide. It...
$20.28 by ErrobaArt
Diamond shapes (just like in cards) and pearls round or oval, shaped into an elegant oval shaped bracelet, open at the bottom.
$84.84 by gemsbridaljewellery
GCD 82 Engagement Ring This ring is presently a size 5 1/2. This ring can be sized +- 1 size once cast in metal. Please check the matching weddin...
Not For Sale by me_trains
A completely assembled track layout for our 1:000 scale trains. Ideal for desks and small displays. Currently available in one color sandstone on...
$28.00 by bluelinegecko
 Throw away that cheap petstore tag and treat your pet to this custom 3-D printed stainless steel pet tag. ( Or get one for yourself and wea...
$71.84 by sfab
The ring also has a set available or earrings and pendant. The ring comes in a size 5.
$46.20 by sfab
This pendant also comes in a set with ring and earrings.