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$28.93 by EAZYAtelier
Dragon, is a mythical creature which the Oriental society believes that it is a symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune. Dragon Sigillaire "Font"...
$13.62 by mkermol
The penultimate entry in our short series of open cut easter eggs. This time we based the design on certain oriental floral patterns. The cut is w...
$96.46 by mkermol
A set of two cups and a coaster, made to mimic the form of the Ba Gua Daoist symbol. Primarily designed as espresso cups, the ying and yang, will ...
$72.09 by MaterialMadmen
Like specialty teas? Don't want to have to wait for an entire pot of water to boil in order to just get a cup of tea? Maybe you just want a decorat...
$575.58 by arielvito
$1.51 by pinae2
Amulett mit drei Monden und einem Stern. "Ishtar" ist als inschrift auf jedem Mond zweimal angebracht. Auf der Rückseite sind drei Befestigungslö...
$7.42 by Tiny_Terrain
$10.07 by Roughquinn
The Dragon Talisman! A Dragon holds a floating Pearl!!! The sphere moves between paws and wings of the dragon! Is said the Dragon Pearl would mul...
$28.14 by TRIANGLE
Pattern was inspired by the traditions of the East.
$268.89 by stop4stuff
Inspired by a scene on a YouTube video of a Water 'boss' in a temple. Created using Minecraft and Mineways.