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$17.56 by aegidian
The oolite reward pin. 
$4.19 by aegidian
A smaller version of the 2" badge.
$5.11 by aegidian
A pair of oolite logo cufflinks, snazzy!
$8.82 by aegidian
Thargoid counter for an Oolite boardgame 
$17.64 by aegidian
Nine Oolite ships (and a small group of three cargo containers) mounted on round bases for use in a board game.The models are: Cobra Mk3, Anaconda,...
$36.09 by aegidian
The Oolite ships at 1:3750 scale (making the base for the Cobra 3 one inch in diameter.)
$20.42 by aegidian
A pair of Cobras, one for each cuff. Ideal formal wear for the Commander who wants to impress.
$2.72 by Selezen
Adder from Oolite, small scale
$7.46 by Selezen
Larger scale Adder from Oolite
$24.36 by aegidian
 A 1:2000 scale model of the Cobra Mark III trading space craft from the space-sim games Elite and Oolite.The model comes as a six piece kit, ...