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$569.41 by Popsy
Not For Sale by transformersfang138
Sword for Transformers with 5mm hand holds. Based on the Black Iron Great Sword from the anime Sword Art Online
$8.66 by Woetra
This model space ship strongly resembles the Concord Battleship in the computer game "EVE Online"Note that I created this ...
$71.60 by seantiner
Laguna Beach's Main Beach Lifeguard Insignia Tower Charm Jewelry
$50.00 by i8kermit
How apropos. Digital currency, 3D printed. It's technology all over the place! NOTE: The above is a computer rendering, actual finish will vary. Fo...
$18.10 by Thundrknight
- Ring size is 7- Height is 8.3 mm- No background- Thickness is 1.5 mm- Horizontal image tiling is 1- Vertical image tiling is 1- Grayscale is on- ...
$4.34 by Thundrknight
if new size is needed please contact me, desing inspired by Bethesda - Ring size is 10.25- Height is 9.1 mm- No background- Thickness is 2.5 mm- Im...
$12.82 by Wasabi4Alex
Kirito's Dark Repulser Sword
$17.69 by Wasabi4Alex
$19.85 by Thundrknight
A Ring version of the Elderscrolls Online Logo, pm if you want a diffrent size of a full ring of a single allaince to show off your game pride - Ri...