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$90.54 by omcdesign
The Pendant: Xin pendant was inspired by our hearts, the inner carvings signify the emotions that we have buried inside and the form resembles the ...
$92.38 by omcdesign
The Sans is a organic shaped metal pendant the name literally means luck, the pendant carries the secret message of connecting lives through twists...
$85.53 by omcdesign
The Trian Pendant represents control and understanding of the physical space around you, as if it is an artifact that was designed to bend the eart...
$72.54 by omcdesign
The Siyah Gozler pendant was inspired by the reflection of light in the lovers eyes, the twists in the corners represents the vibrant happenings in...
$95.37 by omcdesign
The Gunes pendant was inspired by the sun, and it also signifies the vivid feelings within ones heart.
$90.07 by omcdesign
Makpal in ancient Akadian culture is the source of love, and the protector of Earth itself. Her symbol is a shield that resembles an heart.
$99.08 by omcdesign
The Mark 2000 is a pendant design, which marks my 2000th design work.. The design features a soft shape with many indents, and a hole to pass the c...
$88.84 by omcdesign
The Universe pendant represents the universe in its all dimensions, and I sincerely believe that there is a little universe in everybody
$89.68 by omcdesign
Inspired by the spiral galaxies, the design was inspired from the notion that each individual holds a galaxy of its own within their hearts..
$86.55 by omcdesign
The Amaterasu pendant was inspired by two things; medieval shields and the shape of heart. It is aimed at reminding the most beautiful memories, an...