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Not For Sale by craftvfx
I designed this ring to look as if it were liquid, basing it off "The X-Files" black oil. The engraving on it is "Trust No One", a heavily used qu...
$20.48 by LokiLaufeysen
This was made with the Sake Set Creator
$17.96 by mechnologytech
Miniature Oil Derrick | 3.6 mm tall
$98.41 by joie
Cruet set for people like me who don't want to get their fingers oiled :)
$3.85 by TadPatterson
Keep track of all your spilled oils, puddles, creeping slimes and slippery spell effects. Fits within a 1" square and it's flat on top so that a mi...
$91.99 by froland
Voro-Scent: A tea candle powered fragrances evaporator in Voronoi style Gives your home your favorite scent while decorating your dinner table wit...
$12.25 by d4rkl1gh7
Small paint mixing tray with 3 1.25" (3cm) pans.
$29.93 by FutureForms
Dipping dish with two surfaces ideal for olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
$43.66 by Bathsheba
To use this oil lamp, you'll need: A wick - I used cotton string about 1/8" thick. A wick holder - I used a 6-32 stainless T-nut that I got at an A...
$51.12 by rabi_kota
It is the oil warmer in the shape divided by bamboo. You can now put the essential oil on the top and enjoy the fragrance. Inner diameter is abou...