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$85.60 by schreerdesign
You might prefer a larger monkey on your chest. The Barrel Monkey is 25% larger in every dimension. The small barrel monkey is here: http://shpws....
$10.00 by wondercat
$15.80 by JPRetro
Note: This is specifically a size 6 ring! Remember the day when you lugged around that giant brick of portable game console? Well now you can ...
$25.32 by 3DG33K
Puzzle cube pendant, the cube itself measures 12.3mm per side.
$11.49 by d4rkl1gh7
Retro iconic rocket pendant.
$4.30 by spetch
Ever played Barrel of Monkeys?
$53.54 by sevensheaven
The legendary Apple Macintosh computer, executed as a 3D pixel art style pen / business card holder for your desk or cupboard, created exclusively...