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$8.30 by Arran87
25MM Internal circumference. Unisex Ring
$416.09 by henryseg
$16.32 by bt@barrythomas.co.uk
Mathematical surface from the natural log function
$5.31 by Madmaker
A small pattern of hearts,
$39.99 by alexandryandesign
GLASS dock has low center of gravity with a wide base for optimal stabilization.
$6.86 by Camazine
Successfully printed in Stainless Steel. A knot based on a traditional Celtic design
$7.99 by AnkhsPaw
Shapeways Image Popper Earth Tag Charm.
$5.53 by derwaffenmeister
$16.00 by baltimore
Order an awesome pair of earrings for your geeky/bio friends! DNA plasmid!
$6.97 by tomatwell
It is a circular double helix. To give it some flare the helix transitions from a nearly circular cross section nearest the center to an oval cros...