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$27.68 by Imprenta3D
Car mount for Nokia C2.
$20.55 by Tachyio
A nautilus-patterned Nokia Lumia 820 back shell =)
Not For Sale by lgrfbs
Look in to the holiday planning Shapeways status: [X] Just uploaded - Not tested/ordered by designer. [_] Ordered by the designer. [_] Ordered in ...
$8.24 by Rakentaja
Works great with lumia 920 | Thread is 1/4-20 | Shapeways quality was great and the thread worked great without any effort.
$25.53 by gibbage
This Lumia 920 case is both stylish and functional! The case protects the Lumia 920 by providing impact resistant padding on the 4 corners and scra...
$29.44 by mrgm
NOKIA stand for office or home. also amplifies sound! also available for the N800. 920 COMING SOON!
Not For Sale by ryliu
A soft shell Case I made for Nokia Lumia 920 Feel Free to Download it and Print using Elasto Plastic
$15.57 by duann
Nokia has become the first major manufacturer to release 3D printable files so their customers can download, modify and 3D print components&n...
$27.09 by KillaKam
blank 820 Nokia case
$441.80 by liquidman
The worlds finest stereoscopic attachment from PRO3D!