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$2.15 by zooloader
Can't hear your phone when it's laying down? Don't want to leave it face down so you can? This low-profile bump raises it approximately 2.5mm which...
$45.00 by alienology
Designed by using particle systems in 3D CAD software this bracelet is now available in its final form. Threads visible here are about 1mm thick. T...
$5.24 by aboris
Stand for mobile devices such as ipad, nexus, kindle, or nook.
$28.92 by AliDesign
A stylish tablet and phone stand that will hold your tablet or phone on portrait or landscape orientation. Tested with iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Am...
$45.00 by StephenClementDesigns
The Beta version of a dock designed specifically for the Nexus 10 tablet. Designed to work with the Magnector pogo cable, one can simply slide the ...
$109.90 by lootkit
This warmly lit modern stand is designed for your night stand or desk. Once placed within comfy reach, switch on your smart phone's light or fla...
$40.00 by robertlud
Google Nexus 5 Element Case Includes pilot holes for #0-80 brass screw inserts & #0-80 1/4" length socket head cap screws
Not For Sale by ACABrian