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$65.00 by jam1ec
Nespresso coffee capsule holder, updated to reduce cost and improve stiffness. updated pictures from my test model to follow.
$44.09 by Hmbecodesign
Father's day coffee cup would be an amazing and design gift. Hmb-ecodesign propose a new design to optimize space with a handle include inside the...
$32.57 by tstormer
A stackable cup for Ristretto sized drinks.
$33.70 by mankinnovation
Exclusive designed cup by Mankinnovation. The matching saucer can be ordered seperately
$7.58 by HenrikSjodin
Nespresso Magnet Holder
$14.40 by PLss
Use this Bit in combination with the Nespresso grip to form a screwdriver to open Nespresso coffee machines. Print this out of stainless steel. The...