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$40.26 by Polygonshape
Nebula is a concept, designed by Polygon, its innovation and design, lies in the change of state from the pure geometric form and completely smooth...
$14.99 by kspaho
Don't stuff your brain inside a box. Pull it out, save the bubble wrap, and watch what it can do outside of the box. You'll be amazed.
$54.31 by LetoLab
Wow your clients, colleagues or friends and make them feel appreciated for being smart. This is the successor of the ultra-light, life-size human ...
$22.79 by Polygonshape
This is a cross pendant for necklaces of bubbles chrome.
$27.63 by Polygonshape
$69.06 by Polygonshape
The dandelion is a symbol of freedom and happiness. Who among us has never picked up by a lawn flower called Dandelion blown and among its pistils ...
$41.36 by Polygonshape
Dandelion Pendant It's a 3d printing jewels, is printable in silver, raw gold plated and trasparent plastic. Dandelion is the symbol of the spring,...