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$6.55 by AlexJPhillips1991
$39.04 by mdavisstudios
**This listing is for the right inner ear print.** Images above are in stainless steel - this also comes out wonderfully in any of the bronze/gold...
$40.51 by TPMF
This is a face from the companion cube measuring about 3 inches across. It can be purchased alone, or in a group of 6 to make a do it your self com...
$295.99 by TPMF
A 3 inch scale model of the companion cube. All the handheld love you can handle! Also selling just one face of this cube (cheaper to buy 6 individ...
$5,071.51 by TPMF
This is as big of a companion cube that can be made with most materials, it is 200mm (~7.9 inches). This is almost exactly one-third of a full size...
$6.47 by MostlyMatthew
A small 3D dandelion from the popular computer game Minecraft. Has a loop on it for use as a necklace or keychain, or buy two and make earrings!
$7.93 by frulaa
$72.99 by mdavisstudios
This is an anatomically correct and true-to-life-size pin of the cochlea and semi-circular canals (i.e. the inner ear)! **Depending on planned use...
$75.00 by lensman
This ring is based on the mask worn by The Green Hornet. I have had it successfully printed in glossy silver and have to say it looks gorgeous! I w...
$69.40 by Polysquid
Sturdy Companion Cube necklace in Steel. Also in Black Plastic for keyrings.