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$17.67 by yellowhouse
Jack-a-lope, the Yeti's best friend. 2.9 inches tall. 1.7inches wide. A wonderful Easter gift.
$40.41 by wasco
Mythical Creature
$21.32 by macouno
$57.96 by RankandFileGames
The Rogue Auroch, an unstoppable Juggernaut of the plains-land that still thrives wild in places that its kin, the domesticated cattle, cannot. Fou...
$3.16 by tomatohead
Flower Fairy's Endless Knot Ornament on shapeways for christmas.
$290.07 by Matthaios
Medieval/Mythical pen holder design made in Zbrush 3. Watch a turntable 3d presentation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF7th5LAIA8&feature=yo...
$53.38 by MatthewM
$65.39 by lensman
Dragon Wing pendant
$21.26 by rithmikansur
As a young dragon ages, it has a larger need for food and must acquire larger prey and with greater frequency. In many cases this means expand its ...
$19.94 by rithmikansur
When a dragon is born, it spends little time with its mother. The eggs are often laid in its lair, where it is unlikely they will be bothered by pr...