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$19.99 by DanGerst
For the enigmatic personalities out there The pendant is less than 1.5" in width and height
$74.15 by FabMeJewelry
This pendant design is inspired by what we all see with our eyes : the statue of liberty, the great pyramids and geometric patterns that you can ...
$5.38 by etikan
$9.35 by Mezmera
Alchemy, the science of questing eternal life. The design of this pendant is inspired by its smoke, fire, flasks and other tools of the trade. The...
$20.83 by MrShape
Awesome Thumb ring to do mysterious things with. Finger diameter = 18mm, Thumb diameter = 20mm Other sizes on request. F=15mm T=20mm F=16mm T=20mm ...
$32.53 by JeremyCouillard