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$11.50 by Spot138
A large, wickedly hooked mace. Its kind of like the one 2nd bannana's use in inferior barbarian movie sequels. Designed for 6-7 inch scale figures.
$14.12 by Spot138
A humoungous Battle Axe suitable for only the beefiest Barbarians! This Oversized Barbarian Axe is scaled for 6-7 inch figures.
$18.60 by Spot138
A truly massive Sword / Polearm combination - for only the beefiest of warriors! Its like an oar with a honed edge. Oversized / Scaled for 6-7 inch...
$14.09 by Spot138
A huge, semi - high tech, Sci-fi type sword. Best for use with Cosmic warriors - looks especialy good with a HeRo. for 6-7 inch scale action figures.
$11.15 by Spot138
A nasty, evil sword designed for members of a dimensional horde. Designed for 6-7 inch action figures.
$9.92 by Spot138
A large - unique Sword designed for the type of Space Mutant who has "seen" it all. Designed for 6-7 inch action figures.
$15.07 by freemansmindtoys
Schminivit from the Filmation cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- now your Plundor figure has someone to terrorize! :)
$20.85 by freemansmindtoys
As seen in the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special, Relay can now join your MOTUC collection!
$20.94 by freemansmindtoys
This is a vehicle version of my deluxe Forgotten Fortress hover cover- this is intended to be used as a "mini vehicle" for your 6-7" figures.
$23.10 by DJForce
The 3-part interchangeable Standard fits most 6" actionfigures. This kit includes 3 parts (bottom, middle and top) which can be connected in 2 con...