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$19.41 by chauvanla
This is a printable creature head sculpture. Hollow model to keep the printing cost low. Completely watertight mesh. No pseudo surfaces. Minimum wa...
$25.75 by chauvanla
$33.01 by chauvanla
This is a printable ape bust sculpture. This is a 7 cm height version. Please visit my gallery (by clicking on my username) for other printable fig...
$73.81 by vinayvidyasagar
This is a miniature of the famous Taj Mahal.
$230.12 by GasBandit
Full size rendering of the Chikii Minecraft Monument by GasBandit. 9 inches tall, full detail. Internal not complete as much of it would be below ...
$21.54 by GasBandit
A 1/3rd scale representation of the Chikii Minecraft Memorial. Smaller and costs much less.
$23.08 by lensman
I created this specifically to be made in the new White Glazed Ceramic material offered by Shapeways. I may model a variation on this in other...