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$33.66 by gknape
End the mess and store your coins like a geek! !!!Green isn't available on shapeways!!! (yet?) but you can spray paint it or order another color. ...
$38.00 by Jacareadam
A thin (around 1 cm) but sturdy ID, credit card, and money holder (can hold several folded banknotes, designed so a 20€ note doesn't stick out) w...
$15.24 by WelshDesigns
If you just want to create a single poker chip. Put any picture in the middle you want, and any colors around the outside you want. Fun for speci...
$35.40 by WelshDesigns
This is a set of 10 poker chips all the same design. It's priced better per piece than getting them as singles because of the up front design cost...
$22.16 by rayjmo
Poker card protector with slot to hold you last 100 dollar bill. Part is white. Use your own permanent markers to fill in letters and circles.
$10.10 by BigBene
This is the original "Piece of Eight" (peso de ocho) coin, famous from many pirate storys.(also known as "Spanish Dollar") After photographs of an...
$35.35 by kub77
This gun will shoot both Canadian and American pennies with ease. It requires two elastic bands and can hold multiple pennies. A rolled piece of pa...
$5.99 by Mandalorian
A perfect gift for someone who enjoys the great outdoors or hunting!
$19.09 by Anigroove
Bitcoin pendant also usable as keylink.
$12.45 by Anigroove
€uro pendant. For bankers and anyone else :)