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$5.48 by simmons
the top part of the USB Tools Module
$10.09 by simmons
the bottom part of the usb Tool Module
$14.91 by antohneeo
Camera top housing
$10.82 by Stoney3K
Holder for single AixyZ laser diode module. Clamp down style with 4mm through hole mounts. Top and bottom have been recessed for mounting of hex so...
$5.77 by draw
The MicroMIC is a stylized and miniaturized version of a typical Microwave Integrated Circuit housing used to package high frequency electronic com...
$43.58 by opqrstu3D
Mini storage, Japanese style. Also usable as a module to built your own mini-storage. Printable in Strong & Flexible Plastic, Detail Acrylic, P...
$35.88 by HOLDEN8702
Five detailed Full Color Sandstone Cargo Modules, Containers as appeared in the Sci-Fi 1971 film "Silent Running", with the A. Airlines logo emboss...
$2.91 by Lsutehall
Standard module with a single turret mount.
$3.05 by Lsutehall
Modular starship, middle module. This section has 2 turret mounts and a bridge module mount. a third turret may be mounted in the bridge module slo...
$48.06 by Colossus
Explorers of Mars rejoice! A model of the Mars Excursion Module. Designed in the late 60's by North American Rockwell in the run up to NASA's Apoll...