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$12.10 by SheilaMunro
Detailed Flower of Life Pendant. Also available as an earring set. :)
$22.00 by OBjuan
$26.44 by Bathsheba
A Merkaba, 9cm from tip to tip. (That's about 3 1/2", for us groundlings.)
$68.51 by Lazulli
A Merkaba Stand situable to contain an Item for either display, Metaphysical practice among other things
$17.84 by JACANT
$17.98 by JACANT
Based upon two Reuleaux Tetrahedron. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reuleaux_tetrahedron
Not For Sale by NaradaDas
3 StarTetrahedrons nested with their bounding cubes. A very successful study. I really like the simplicity of this form and the way the three shap...