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$20.60 by ehisforadam
The Disapproval face, now on a coin! Express your disapproval with someone in the form of a coin! Or use it to make decisions!
$30.00 by jackieisrockin
Happy as ever! Its Mini Strutting Leo! Here he is walking your way with the tiniest smile on his face and bringing a tiny smile to yours as well!
$16.14 by dominikraskin
Yo dawg meme 3D printed. Xzibit as an exhibit.
$15.19 by ammoniteA565
Emperor Sea Striders are best known as the largest organisms living on Darwin IV
$26.83 by 3scriber
A great quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
$50.00 by LincolnK
Do you love grumpy cats, or the meme that has cat's faces going through slices of bread? I know I do! That's why I made this pendant. It is abo...
$25.00 by baltimore
What some might call the most annoying necklace on shapeways, here is your chance to own a circle pendant with the famous words "Friday Friday Gott...
$11.02 by LeMuphinnmann
For all the noobz and newbs out there I have made a pendant inspired by a common internet meme entitled haduken. this is my own design and take cre...
$21.76 by rithmikansur
How are you Gentlemen!! Enjoy this Mustache "All Your Base" mashup desktop decoration. Great for the sink, barber shop, at work, etc... just fun. ...
$3.97 by Jakelton
An awesome necklace for someone you think is awesome! Ive made it available in all materials, because variety is legit, but detail is best as usual...