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$42.23 by Freakazoitt
Enclosed crew cabin for self-propelled artillery. Compatible with 40k Chimera open chassis. For skilled users. NOT TESTED
$19.41 by SueParr
This could be used as a pendant or as a wall hanging. If used as a pendant, be careful not to get it wet as Full Color Sandstone colours are not w...
$27.53 by JuanManuelVargas
Yak, one of our lovely characters of our last game, Rain, Sand, Stars More information : http://playmedusa.com/ http://www.vargas3d.tk/ http://itun...
$16.03 by KIM-M.UniqueDesigns™
$43.51 by kiorodesign
[en]MEDUSA is a very special pendant, elegant and mysterious, to wear with a single piece, or in a set of three . Available in Bronze, Brass and Si...
$22.91 by WillLaPuerta
Oi! My eyes are up here!
$70.10 by WillLaPuerta
Third batch of 2" Monsters. Includes Hitchhiker Alien (Can you take him to your leader?), the Jabberwocky (Hope you've got your vorpral sword in ha...