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$24.04 by Salokannel
Ruler with mm and inches. Showing 15cm / 6 inch.
$6.71 by jerrodbw
Not only a visual statement of manhood, this ring doubles as a measuring tool . . . • find yourself needing a tape measure when it's not on your ...
$20.33 by randomblink
As the Address Coordinator for the CIty of Tulsa I frequently am generating new addresses for business or residences. The generation of all address...
$12.23 by giacomanu
You won’t loose your measure object any more!! Or anybody won’t still it… With your name printed an it remains always at its place in ...
Not For Sale by Parkernolan79
Our greatest fear is NOT that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure. This vase lets your inner power shine th...
$3.33 by apaterson
A small measuring device, easily attached to keys for use anytime.
$2.79 by apaterson
A key sized print to measure the diameter of objects from 3 to 12mm.
$12.00 by gdudg
Ever since discovering Mark Bittman's super-simple recipe for No Knead Bread, I haven't touched my bread maker. You just can't beat the results of ...
$16.22 by bdornauf
A flexibel MeasureTool for tabletop wargaming.
$6.99 by damonius
This measure is designed for 5/8x6 in Humm feeders. Simply scoop white granulated sugar in the bottom well of the measure and shake to level off, t...