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$21.99 by henryseg
A self-referential tessellation of the sphere.This is a little delicate as the lines are 1.5mm thick, but it seems sturdy enough.
$27.16 by flypig
This is a rather unusual model. It's constructed from three overlapping curves built using sines and cosines. However, the curves cross along only ...
$111.60 by RobertShepherd
This is my homage to Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man". I have been influenced by his works and thoughts and I wanted to create something which r...
$30.13 by Blitzer
geometrical object
$16.66 by rickruss2013
An 8-cell gyroid, limited by a sphere, diameter 4 Pi. The formula (a trigonometric approximation to the true minimal surface) is: Cos[x] Sin[y] ...
$6.00 by rickruss2013
Gyroid hollow sphere, turned inside out. Small (1.2" diameter), suitable for pendant in raw brass or silver. Plotted in Mathematica, thickened in...
$29.91 by rickruss2013
Gyroid hollow sphere.
$14.02 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with geometric figures of made of different numbers of sides representing the numbers. A circle for the one side and a hexagon for th...
$44.99 by admiralducksauce
UPDATE:  This model is back in business!  The Pact's largest supercarrier, helmed by Prophets on their crusade against nonbelievers (anyo...