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$1,131.87 by anydimension
$24.83 by rubenvoorhees1
this is 3d model of jason voorhees hokey mask.
$1,061.83 by Tjsolo
Skull Mask Full Alright I was able to finally remodel some things , and bring the cost of print down, While this is pushing limits on wall thickne...
$84.58 by JSSculptures
Th face mask of Santa Claus' trusty companion KRAMPUS, INFECTED! Please note that you need to order the Horns in order to make this Statue complet...
$23.75 by JSSculptures
These are the Horns to the Krampus "Infected" Statue! The right Horn might have a tight fit and needs to be carved a bit with a sharp knife, like a...
$3.47 by rubenvoorhees1
Not For Sale by ThreeForm
A smiling 3D Kabuki Mask. Provide a face scan or high-res photo sequence for best results. The mask is held on with an elastic strap connected to t...
$6.63 by IndividualCouture
$30.43 by rubenvoorhees1
this is the 4 inch sized mask with strap holder. and to find the snaps to go with the mask are here http://www.shapeways.com/model/938669/?li=mode...
$8.99 by hamidsani
Earrings with intricate design that express four different emotions (two on each piece). Details: Extremely light. 2 inches (5 cm) long. 1 inches ...