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$33.66 by gknape
End the mess and store your coins like a geek! !!!Green isn't available on shapeways!!! (yet?) but you can spray paint it or order another color. ...
Not For Sale by Kidmechano
Min is the youthful counterpart to the ModiBot family. Built to be used as an adolescent or a character with 'cartoony' proportions.
$14.92 by extrudedqwerty
Piranha Plant stylus for Nintendo ds.
$28.67 by JohnG
Not For Sale by extrudedqwerty
Not tested yet.
$12.41 by extrudedqwerty
Not tested yet. Recommended to write with the handle, not the brush. Special thanks to :DAN for the idea and corrections.
$12.00 by QUATRO
8-BIT Mushroom Pendant Stop going unnoticed with your boring regular looks and start attracting the attention you so deserve with this ultra-classy...
$26.46 by mught
Stainless steel or silver tie clip inspired on the video game Legend of Zelda. ATTENTION:Some pictures have been painted with enamel. The Shapeway...
$4.40 by NOA_KB
The original logo for the N64!
$14.05 by artisteroi
the 1 up mushroom from Mario