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$2.31 by vennbrown
This ring is the coolest thing ever :) i made it in my graphics class. paulwils7 rules
Not For Sale by Kidmechano
He's fired-up to roll up his sleeves and build something! Maker Myke is 2.9 inches tall and highly-poseable. Figure kit comes with a hat and wrench...
$3.99 by Kidmechano
Maker accessory kit for all your ModiBot figures.
$3.92 by HyruleFoundry
Visit my blog to learn about 3D printing and to check out more of my Zelda fan art. http://hyrulefoundry.wordpress.com/
$4.69 by GoGoDynamo
4 ball link for your radial builds, min torso, or helicopter rotor hub. What will you make with it?
$7.29 by GoGoDynamo
4-Arm Torso for insects and unusual beasts.
$6.09 by GoGoDynamo
Ad more attitude to your posing with this split torso set.
$7.39 by GoGoDynamo
Add a 4 armed torso for all your ModiBot Thark and Cave Troll builds. Highly pose able
$4.29 by GoGoDynamo
Long torso extender, good for use with the split torso and wide split torso links or connecting two hip sections together.
$27.99 by sorhain
Venus Inspired Power Wand for cosplay and props! A paint it yourself project. Please message me for any changes or adjustments. sorhain@gmail.com Y...