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$23.79 by Linkreincarnate
Protects your iPad from drops and spills. Allows you to attach your iPad to anything metal.
$21.80 by Hmbecodesign
TO COMMEMORATE THE TITANIC WE PROPOSE THIS MAGNET . Be careful it is delivered without magnet just the colored product.
$33.93 by ikreate
$7.21 by cybertech99
This is an untested model. The dimensions are modeled for the game Carcassonne. The 8 holes are used to hold 3mm magnets in alternating polarity so...
$25.02 by HenrikRydberg
Turn your fridge door into a growing habitat for herbs, flowers, cactuses and other small plants. Let life animate your inanimate surfaces. Glue t...
$37.27 by Silverbeam
wings with hole or groove at base to glue a magnet into, which is not included. hollow to help with weight. image shows wsf-p material. (default ma...
Not For Sale by EAM1888575
This is a box I designed to contain a set of 5mm spherical neodymium magnets. It will hold up to 1,302 magnets (6 layers of 217 magnets in a hexag...