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$33.32 by Kasumi_Noxumbra
Sword design that I originally came up with for a 3d model for a in-game weapon. Now I've decided to use that design as a 3-D pendant instead. Desi...
$146.28 by tioilmo
The Magic Box can save your dreams!
$11.66 by ChrisArtscapes
A rather different Katana I made.
$11.33 by RobTorres
Sowilo Rune Pendant.
$13.71 by RobTorres
Elk Rune Pendant
$35.16 by tomatohead
$35.69 by nakamura_shop
$31.09 by rawkstar320
**Runner Up Model in the Co-Design Contest**From the Jake Drews Jewelery Collection comes a one of a kind locket, with a secret! At first, the loc...
$21.86 by ChrisArtscapes
My version of an elven sword. You can also find this miniature at my shop on sculpteo
$65.27 by RobTorres
Omega symbol pendant.