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Not For Sale by janisland
Not For Sale by craftvfx
I designed this ring to look as if it were liquid, basing it off "The X-Files" black oil. The engraving on it is "Trust No One", a heavily used qu...
$7.53 by zulubo
A melting sad looking face. A bit creepy, but a nice little sculpt.
$41.98 by sganthem1000
This is an ultra durable liquid receptacle designed to hold small quantities of liquids. Go ahead and use your imagination, but please use it respo...
$13.50 by Simon_Cmrk
Forged in the seething flames of Mount Stereolithomoria, this ring feels warm to the touch. Still unsettled in its final form, it might change shap...
$40.89 by unellenu
'Holey Bowl - liquid' decorative dish12.0 cm x 3.3cmThe unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, fractal art, sculpture and jewelry...
$53.38 by liquidbuddha
$88.20 by liquidbuddha
$10.27 by Emileart
$7,098.23 by Alex_Boil