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$3.15 by JohnStudios
$87.49 by LouisRHunt
The legs of the Robot figure build-a-figure.
$13.33 by LouisRHunt
The legs of the Robot figure build-a-figure, but made into a mini version.
$13.52 by sganthem1000
$38.41 by 3dprintstudio
Women legs statue
$51.31 by squidbear
If only the legs could walk to you!
$7.94 by ammoniteA565
Killer Cube eats anything
$40.54 by KingRahl
This is a posable figurine I created for dual extrusion 3D printers so that polyurethane can be used as a rubber band and won't have to be assemble...
$32.57 by tstormer
A stackable cup for Ristretto sized drinks.
$21.23 by Zanostra
This tea light holder accommodates the usual 4 cm diameter tea light. Its diameter is 5,5 cm and it has a height of 4 cm. I designed it for ceramic...