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$7.70 by WillLaPuerta
Little jumping tree frog. Press your fingernail down the little tab on the back end and he'll hop in the air.
$19.94 by WillLaPuerta
Five different jumping frogs all together in a set! And yes, they are all a little different from each other. Press on the tab on their backs and w...
$7.59 by WillLaPuerta
Jumping cricket to go along with the jumping frog.
$31.64 by MarkMnich
Leap Nest is a tripod-compatible Leap Motion Controller enclosure that takes the device beyond your desk and unlocks a wide range of practical appl...
$3.59 by imhavoc
Leaping dancer dog tag.
$3.83 by portraitsculptor
Happy dolphin leaps through the ocean waves.