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Not For Sale by Bdddavies
Kitchen Knife Handle Replacement
Not For Sale by hackira
very simple training indonesian knife for martial art
$140.36 by SGDesigns
5mm vertical hole.
$4.87 by zlwilly
A skeleton key inspired by a fantastic series. It is oddly familiar, like a lost item, or a scattered dream that's like a far off memory...Hopefull...
$3.33 by ChaosIncarnate
Set of three, so you have everything you need for an epic knife fight. This product is in Beta phase, as it has not been physically tested, but it...
$21.61 by ChrisArtscapes
A knife I made.This dagger has a fine edge and is quite sharp.
$3.71 by ambethia
Not For Sale by rawkstar320
A classic symbol depicting poison, used by pirates and many others now has a new meaning: Food. With the latest creation from Wondrous Widgets, yo...
$5.37 by sascha_snowstorm
A small sculpted dagger, made in ZBrush
$17.64 by rawkstar320
Inspired by food, mixed with 18th Century Piracy, topped with a bit of art - the Cross Utensils Pendant is a display of allegiance to the Culinary ...