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The original Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. Smaller size
$13.55 by shindeor
$4.26 by captkiro
based on a weapon from a video game The photo is a stainless steel version i believe.
$23.59 by Silverbeam
Inspired by the video Game Kingdom hearts, this wayfinder was made by Kairi to help protect Sora. It was said the wayfinders were made by seashells...
$14.67 by xfirexdemon
Sora's keyblade from kingdomhearts
$2.52 by Solusipse
Kingdom key, Shapeways wouldn't let me add the chain and charm sadly
$30.32 by Silverbeam
Inspired by the video Game kingdom hearts, these tiny keyblades are full of detail and still small enough to wear as a pendant. Both Oblivion and O...
$8.52 by CuztomPartz
Has yet to be tested, about in scale with KH2 PA figure
$5.99 by sorhain
This is a Kingdom Keyblade replica from Kingdom Hearts. It is perfect size for a keychain, pendant, earrings or just beautiful memorabilia. A paint...