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$6.63 by moltoys
Lysine is K. The single letter code for the amino acid Lysine is the letter K. Use this amino acid bead to spell a name or a word. Did you know tha...
$11.02 by LeMuphinnmann
For all the noobz and newbs out there I have made a pendant inspired by a common internet meme entitled haduken. this is my own design and take cre...
$52.11 by dylanwalch
$12.25 by felweh
This is a flower with three crosses at the center, it combines with "K2" which is the stem and outer petals. The "K" letter is at the base of the s...
$23.09 by felweh
This is the stem and outer petals of a flower, there is a "K" at the base. The complete flower requires another part called "K" which has also been...
$25.80 by RichEnvironments
Miniature rockface that can be used for all sorts of table top games like Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, etc. This is a blank unpainted v...
$13.00 by Manjiri_McCoy
Stylized combination of the Devanagari K and the Latin K. Also includes stylized heart with an arrow through it.
$8.50 by eisenschilda
Shapeways Image Popper
$5.80 by friz
A 16-sided die based on an isohedral "skewed in-out" dipyramid. The faces are identical scalene triangles. Numbering 01-16. Added an octa...
$18.00 by mobiles
21 beams. Available in white or black. The test print of this mobile looked a little "disheveled" when it came out of the box. The photos and vide...