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$7.92 by creator
$17.65 by Gijsraaf
Cufflink dollar sign jewelry price is for 1 cufflink. you have to buy the second one in a separate order. The example in the picture is produced in...
$10.78 by Gijsraaf
deze 16 mm chunk past op de orginele noosa chunksarmbanden. het is mogelijk mij een mailtje te sturen met een origineel design. prijs is incl. des...
$24.55 by Gijsraaf
Hammer pendant. this one is made for www.ticketveiling.nl, but other text is possible of course. no extra charge, mail me for more info. doesn't in...
$22.03 by Gijsraaf
Heart name pendant for lovers who want to share there love with the world. names can be changed. please contact me for more details. model is updat...
$29.45 by Gijsraaf
heart pendant letter B. changable letters! please send mail to give details
$33.64 by Gijsraaf
heart pendant letter Heart letter pendant for lovers who want to share their love with the world. Any letter is possible. Also a text can be inser...
$42.08 by Gijsraaf
recycle sign under construction pendant. From one side an under construction icon, from the other side framework under construction. only pendant,...
$27.97 by Gijsraaf
Soccer / football flipflop pendant
$3.25 by Gijsraaf
geometrical form 4 pyramids in one pendant. very nice when they come together. precious metals for the best results